About Our Funny Women's T-shirts

When we first launched our company, our original product was a naughty little board game called Sexy Slang.  So how in the world did we start selling t-shirts and greeting cards?  Well our game, (which is now a fun party game app btw!) is a mixture of adult charades and Pictionary.  We took ideas from some of the fun drawings that people were creating in the game and started coming up with some pretty funny t-shirt concepts.   But then our t-shirt designs grew to other products like greeting cards and school supplies and thus became a whole new brand on it's own now called Icebreakerz!  Our funny women's t-shirts have been seen on some hilarious women on TV and in movies.  We have now expanded to include some cool sports t-shirts including our owner's favorite sport for smack talk, soccer.  Out t-shirts are all about being flirty or being flattering, making people laugh and as our name says, breaking the ice!  You never know what kind of reaction you will get when you sport an funny Icebreakerz t-shirt! 
If you are interested in learning more about our original Sexy Slang game, check it and some of our other fun adult apps in the app stores!